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Veterinary Staff

Meet The Staff of Northwest Neighborhood Veterinary Hospital


Client Care Coordinators

Susan Cara

I grew up in Northern California but have been eager to relocate to Portland for a while. After visiting a few times, I fell in love with the area and moved here with my dog in September, 2014. My chihuahua/corgi mix Rizzo is named after the character in one of my favorite movies, Grease. She is a big fan of treats, squeaky toys, squirrels and the ocean. Right now, we live in a North Portland skinny house with my roommate and her 2 chihuahuas, which makes for a lively household!

I graduated from UC Santa Cruz with a BA in Psychology. In my spare time I like to paint, and am really enjoying exploring my new town. I especially love checking out Portland’s art galleries, live music, breweries and numerous vegetarian restaurants.

My previous veterinary experience was at a specialty/emergency clinic in California, where I spent 5 years. I’ve always loved animals, and am so happy to be able to spend my days in their company.

I feel very lucky to live in the Pacific Northwest, and to have found a place at Northwest Neighborhood Vet!

Alison Grissett

I lived in Northern Virginia my whole life and moved to Portland in early 2016 with my husband. We wanted to move to Portland after visiting family and falling in love with the area.

I have been working with animals for over 10 years and I am very compassionate and love what I do! I joined the team at Northwest Neighborhood Veterinary Hospital in March 2016. In my spare time I enjoy watching movies, going for walks and exploring Portland. I do not currently have any pets, but I am looking forward to adopting one (or two) once my husband and I get settled.

Danielle Rosen

I grew up in sunny Naples, Florida and graduated from Florida State University with a Bachelor’s in Communications and Biology. My dog Forrest and I drove across the country, now we live in a historic building in Northwest Portland. I started working with animals as a Veterinary Assistant while I was still in college and enjoy learning something new every day. In my spare time I love playing soccer, watching any sporting event, listening to music, and reading.

Chelsea Burton

I was born and raised in the suburbs of Chicago, where I lived with my childhood dog, Babe. As a kid, I had pet mice, rats, and a bunny. I love animals of all shapes and sizes! Marley is my first dog that I was able to have as my own. Once my husband and I adopted our second dog, Huckleberry Finn, I realized my love for animal rescue and training.

We moved our little family from Illinois to Los Angeles, where I worked for an animal rescue while volunteering. We quickly added a tiny kitten named Parker to our pack, who quickly grew into a big fluffy cat who is convinced he is one of the dogs. At the rescue, I ran their training department and also evaluated AKC Canine Good Citizen tests in my spare time. While volunteering, I adopted my third dog, Phoenix. He rounded out or little furry family! I returned to Illinois for a year to complete my Bachelor Degree in Psychology at Illinois State University.

Upon graduation, we moved to North East Portland! We love being able to explore the city, the excellent hiking, and delicious food. I am so grateful that we have found our home here in the Pacific Northwest. I am so lucky that I am able to keep helping animals and their people at Northwest Neighborhood Vet!

Kelsey Keenan

I grew up in New Hampshire but have been calling Portland home since 2010. Since I was a kid I’ve always loved taking care of animals, my grandmother had a farm and I grew up helping her with everything from chickens and rabbits to goats and horses. I graduated from the University of New Hampshire in 2009 with a BFA in sculpture. I fill my free time with many creative projects, I also volunteer at a couple local animal rescue organizations and I’m an avid gardener. I share my home with a rescue tabby-cat named Motown Max and a rescue shepherd-mix named Arha. In my past employment I managed restaurants in the Portland area and have proudly contributed to the vibrant vegan and vegetarian food culture here. I am happy to work at Northwest Neighborhood Veterinary Hospital, combining my customer service skills with my passion for animals.

Megan Danel

I have been in the Portland area since Summer of 2015 and absolutely love it here. I grew up with pets (mainly cats) my whole life and one of my first jobs out of high school was at a specialty pet food and supply store, which sparked my interest in working with animals. There was something about coming to work everyday and knowing I would get to interact with animals of all kinds that really made me excited. Fast forward several years later I adopted my first pet on my own – Harley, a gorgeous tortoise shell kitty. The wholehearted and unconditional love I immediately had for her really lit the fire under me to pursue that passion I had come to develop several years ago. I’m currently enrolled at Portland Community College, completing pre-requisites with the ultimate goal of entering the Veterinary Technician program there.

In my free time you can find me out on a hiking trail, trying new restaurants in this awesome city, and spending time with my two girls Harley and Bentley (of course I had to get Harley a friend!). And of course I love animals of all kinds but I really hold a special place in my heart for cats- as my fellow “cat people” know, they are truly extraordinary and peculiar animals.

Jenny Pilger

My name is Jenny and I am a Pacific Northwest native. I have worked in emergency animal medicine since I was 18 and have loved animals for as long as I could wrap my arms around them. I begged my family for a dog as soon as I could talk, and they finally broke when I was 9 and we got an amazing Labrador and I haven’t been without a four-legged friend since. I currently am infatuated with my soul mutt Emma the Dilemma (G shep mix), Castiel (Siberian Husky), Alfred Thaddeus Crane Pennyworth (Siamese), and Barbara Gordon my teeny foster failure. On the days that I’m not here loving on your animals, I am likely outdoors, adventuring, trying to pet all the animals in the close vicinity.

Doctors Assistants

Erin Finucane

I grew up in Washington, DC and earned my Bachelors Degree in Human Ecology at College of the Atlantic, a small school on an island off the coast of Maine. I moved to Portland with my dog, Abbie, in June of 2013 and we are so happy to be settled in the beautiful Pacific Northwest! I am excited to join the team at Northwest Neighborhood, where I get to indulge my passion for animals and begin my transition into the veterinary field, as I hope to eventually go back to school to become a CVT. My free time is spent exploring the city’s parks and neighborhoods with Abbie, eating all the delicious food Portland has to offer, reading, baking, camping, biking and going on road trips.

Jen Smith

I was born and raised in Alabama and I moved to Portland in 1998. I earned a B.A. in Biology in 2006 from Portland State University. My love and compassion for animals began when I was a young child. It was then that I realized how special the human/animal bond is. My career in veterinary medicine begin in 2001 and I feel very fortunate to work in this field. I joined the team at Northwest Neighborhood Veterinary Hospital in 2012. In my free time, I enjoy hiking with my dog, gardening, camping, kayaking and taking photos with my dog Traveler.

Katie VanCleave

I have been lucky enough to work at Northwest Neighborhood Veterinary Hospital since 2010. Although I wear many hats here my primary role is as a Doctor’s Assistant to the wonderful Dr. Becky Prull. I am proud to be a born and raised Oregonian and I studied Animal Sciences at Oregon State University (GO BEAVS!) I have been passionate about animals since I was a little girl; it was clear at an early age that acting as an advocate for the animals was the path I was supposed to take. While I love all animals I am a huge sucker for scent hounds, especially Basset Hounds, Bloodhounds, and Dachshunds!

My husband and I live in our hometown in wine country with our three dogs (Emma the 13 year old Dachshund, Pretzel the 11 year old Papillon mix, and Raleigh the 9 year old Bloodhound mix) and one wild and crazy cat named Jelly Bean. When I am not at work you can usually find me relaxing with my husband and critters, wine tasting, hiking/camping, or working around our house.

Mary Tustin

Where to begin, I have been a team member at NWNVH for over 10 years and involved in the Veterinary profession for 30 plus years…time flies! My past experiences also included the development and successful application of a unique approach to a no-kill Veterinary based shelter in Seattle, WA.

I still love my work as nearly every day provides the opportunity to help animals and their humans. Through education, compassion and understanding I am allowed to make a difference in the lives of individuals of many species. I consider it an honor and am continuously humbled by the situations I am a part of through the hospital. This involves everything from new puppies and kittens and all life stages, but I have a special place in my heart for the end of life process. I feel any support I can offer at this time taps into nothing short of pure love.

I also use my background in teaching to go into schools or have groups and individuals come to me for education regarding the world of animals and behind the scene experiences at a Veterinary hospital. I absolutely love working with kids, and helping to instill and further their love and respect for animals means the so much to me.

Outside of the hospital I can be found searching for that perfect stretch of blacktop in the middle of nowhere on my road bike, doing yoga, working in my yard and as a court appointed advocate for kids in the foster system through CASA. I live surrounded by a lot of unconditional love from my near perfect family of Wanda Mae, the sweetest dog in the world, 2 indoor cats, James and Joe, 2 once feral outdoor cats, Squeek and Timmy…yes I have built outdoor habitats for them, and last and far from least, my rescue turtle, Walter, who has taught me so much about his world. Yep, I’ve got it pretty good!

Roberta Olson

I was born and raised in Portland, Oregon, but have also lived in Ohio, Vermont, West Virginia, Illinois and Colorado. I finally missed my rainy lush city too much and moved back to Portland in 2002. After feeling unfulfilled in the food service industry, I started as a kennel aide in 2004. Every day since then has been unique. I see myself as an advocate for the animals, and particularly enjoy working with grumpy cats and anxious dogs. I have a BFA from the Oregon College of Art and Craft. In my spare time, I attend the theatre and ballet, and enjoy making mixed-media sculptures, crocheting and knitting.

Veterinary Assistants

Louise Facciolla

I recently moved to Portland to attend school and I was fortunate to be able to join the team here at Northwest Neighborhood shortly after my move. My love for animals inspired me to earn a Bachelor of Science degree in Animal Science at Cal Poly State University in San Luis Obispo, Ca several years ago. Since then, after working at a horse breeding farm, I got my first job as a veterinary technician in 2008. I love working with animals every day and being a part of helping them heal, keeping them healthy and supporting the bond between them and their humans.

When I am not at work or in class, I enjoy finding new places to discover outdoors accompanied by my dog, Avila. I also enjoy trail riding on my horse, Odessa. At home I enjoy baking and hanging out with my sweet tortoise shell kitty, Minifur. I have fallen in love with the Pacific Northwest and feel blessed to be living here!

Certified Veterinary Technicians

Holly Otis, CVT

I was born and raised in Bellingham, Washington. I worked as a certified veterinary assistant in the Bellingham area until my travels took me to small animal hospital in Lexington, KY. Around this time, I realized there was so much more to learn about veterinary medicine, so I moved back to the west coast to attend the Veterinary Technician Program at Portland Community College. I graduated from the program in 2003 as president of my class. I have worked at several hospitals in the Portland area but my heart lies with Northwest Neighborhood where I have worked since 2007 as the lead surgical technician.

I enjoy music and travel and I am the proud mother of two very special canine critters, Gracie and Cassie AKA The Muppet.

David LyBarger, CVT

As a certified veterinary technician I’ve been fortunate to work and live in such an animal friendly community, Portland. I’ve worked for Dr. Shuler since he took over the hospital in 2008. I’m excited to see alternative animal medicine being adopted by our hospital and how it has helped my dog, Daisy Mae, aka, The Dinosaur. I adopted Daisy Mae, a Chesapeake Bay Retriever, four years ago at the Humane Society.

We enjoy swimming together on our fishing and backpacking trips. She is a comedic staple at our hospital; if you don’t watch out she’ll steal your breakfast.

Keelie Price, CVT

I was born and raised in Portland, Oregon. I moved to Colorado to attend the Bel-Rea Institute of Animal Technology. Upon graduation in 2001, I became a Certified Veterinary Technician. I earned a Certification in Canine Massage from Boulder College in 2002. After finishing my schooling, I moved back to Portland and spent 6 years in a surgical practice and then joined the team at Northwest Neighborhood in 2009. I have strong interest in the area or physical therapy and animal behavior.

In my spare time, I enjoy snowboarding, hiking and spending time with my dogs Ruby the Rottweiler, Mr. Miyagi the 5lb mix and Monkey the cat.

Stacie Williams, CVT

I have been working as a part-time Certified Veterinary Technician at Northwest Neighborhood since 2009 and I also work full-time with a mobile Veterinary surgeon. I graduated from the Veterinary Technician Program at Portland Community College in 1996.

Outside of work, I enjoy being on the golf course, cooking, dabbling in photography, and playing with my dogs. I share my house with a Rottweiler, a Lhasa Apso, 3 cats, and a husband. Beezie and Chino (the dogs) are so kind to let us share the bed with them. It’s a good thing my husband, Patrick, likes animals as much as me!

Kathy Dougherty, CVT

I am originally from the east coast but I am loving every second I spend in Portland. After nurturing my eternal love of furry creatures for many years, I am currently in the process of getting my Veterinary Technician Certification from Portland Community College.

When I am not taking care of your bundles of joy, I enjoy snoozing on the floor with my elderly German Shepherd Mix, Toby, avoiding bites from my young kitty, Cleveland, and catering to hungry mews from my middle-aged overweight cat, Lily.

Tara Jeans, CVT

I grew up in central Missouri and after obtaining a degree in Anthropology, I decided I wanted to work in the veterinary field. That desire led me to Portland in 2003 where I graduated from PCC’s Veterinary Technology Program. I love providing the best clinical care to our patients while making them as comfortable as possible.

My husband Jon and I share our SW home with our children, Jack and Sadie, along with our crazy critters,2 dogs, Oz and PJ, and 4 cats, Sampson, Darwin, Newt, and Fig. In my spare time I enjoy camping, reading, playing games, traveling and continuing to explore the NW with my family and friends.

Stacie Christensen, CVT

I’m a Pacific Northwest native, originally from Vancouver, WA with family roots in Alaska. I grew up loving all animals and always knew I would end up working with them. I attended the Bel-Rea Institute of Animal Technology and spent the past 10 years working as a licensed technician from Washington to Alaska and then back to Oregon. Most of my time as a technician has been spent in general practice, but I also have a background in ER/ICU as well as time spent in advanced surgery, neurology, nursing wildlife, and shelter medicine.

When I’m not working I like to spend time with my shepherd heeler mix “Dusty”. I also enjoy camping, gardening, rock-hounding, crafting, and don’t forget hula-hooping! I recently moved to St. John’s and am proud to have joined the amazing team here at Northwest Neighborhood Veterinary Hospital.

Wendy-Lin Peterson, CVT

I’m a Portland native and OSU grad (Go Beavs!) in Pre-Veterinary Medicine, but my love of animals and Disney took me to Florida for a few years to work in Animal Education at Disney’s Animal Kingdom and Tampa’s Lowry Park Zoo. I came back to the Pacific Northwest to Salem where I was lucky to stumble upon an incredible practice with excellent standards for medical care and become a certified veterinary technician for the last 8 years at Oak Hills Vet Clinic.

Portland had called me back to be with my wonderful family and new baby niece, pursue my love of West Coast swing dancing and continue to be an advocate for those adorable furry family members in my job as a technician. I am excited to join the team at Northwest neighborhood vet as I can tell they work well as a team and enjoy providing great service and patient care.

I live with my trained cat-dog Phoenix and my snake Captain Stubing in our first ever home right in the city. In my spare time I enjoy teaching my cat new tricks, swing dancing, hiking, mud runs, boating the Columbia and trying all the inedible food Portland has to offer!

Ash Leaym, CVT

I was born and raised in Michigan, and started visiting the west coast about 2 years ago. My partner and I have always had a shared dream of living in Oregon. We recently sold nearly all that we own and headed west to start over. We are thrilled to be part of such a diverse and progressive community as is Portland! My background is in emergency medicine primarily, but I am excited to now be a part of the premier veterinary team at Northwest Neighborhood Vet! Aside from catering to our companion animals, I am also quite passionate about anesthesia and hematology. When I am not at work, I can be found somewhere outside, hiking, snowboarding, or stargazing. I am also in the middle of several artistic projects at all times. My partner and I share our home with one very large dog, Toledo (aka “Holy Toledo”), and two slightly smaller dogs, Dixie and Reese.

Kalia Winburn, CVT

I was born and raised here in Oregon. I have lived in Eugene, Bend, and now Portland for the last 5 years. I received my Bachelor’s degree from University of Oregon in 2010 and my Associate’s from Portland Community College in 2015 for Veterinary Technology. Animals have always been a big part of life as I grew up riding horses and competing in 3-Day Eventing. I love being able to help animals every day and feel very lucky to have found such an amazing veterinary hospital to work for.

Outside of work I enjoy spending as much time as I can in the great outdoors. I enjoy camping, rafting, and hiking with my dog Olive. I also enjoy exploring this amazing city and everything it has to offer.

Melissa McEntire, CVT

I am a recent graduate of the Veterinary Technology program at PCC and new to Northwest Neighborhood Veterinary Hospital. Like many in this profession, I’ve had a passion for animals since I was a little girl. I grew up in a rural town in Nevada around many animals and have had various pets along the way.

I currently share my studio apartment with a female orange tabby named Spruce Goose and 5 albino rats named Pinky, The Brain, Roy, G, and Biv. When I’m not at work I’m bouldering, backpacking, or playing video games with my friends.

I have worked in wildlife rehabilitation, exotic animal medicine, and laboratory animal medicine. I have a special place in my heart for exotic animals but I am very excited to work with the dogs and cats here at Northwest Neighborhood Veterinary Hospital.

Molly Kirk, CVT

I was born in New Hampshire, where my love for animals began with a goofy golden retriever named Britt, and a wise old orange tabby named Stanley. It was not long before I realized my love for animals had turned into a desire to care for them. After graduating from the Veterinary Technology Program at Central New Mexico Community College I headed to San Francisco where I worked as an RVT for 4 years at a small animal hospital in the Mission District, which was a great place to develop and sharpen my technical skills with a supportive team. However, the Pacific Northwest had been calling for some time and the decision to move to Portland with my husband and our Jack Russell terrier, Jax, was an easy one. In my spare time I like to bake cookies and go on beautiful hiking adventures with my pup. I am very excited to be a part of Northwest Neighborhood Veterinary Hospital and look forward to expanding my knowledge with this great team.

Practice Manager

Jan Latshaw

I grew up in the Portland area and began my career in veterinary medicine as a Client Care Coordinator at a hospital in Beaverton. I earned my Bachelor’s degree in Accounting from Portland State University in 2003. After completing my studies, I left veterinary medicine to pursue a career in accounting. I soon discovered that I really missed the daily interaction with the animals, their owners and the great people that work in this industry. When the opportunity came along in 2008 to help Dr. Shuler and Dr. Fleming manage Northwest Neighborhood Veterinary Hospital I could not pass it up.

I currently share my home with my husband and my 2 Labrador Retrievers Jamie and Luke. When I am not at work, I enjoy spending time at the beach, riding dirt bikes and quads and running with my dogs.