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Pet Education

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Before You Get Your Puppy: BEFORE You Get Your Puppy is dedicated to all truly exceptional dog breeders, who care as much (if not more) about their dogs’ physical and mental health as they do about their dogs’ coat color and conformation. To all knowledgeable veterinarians, who understand the crucially important role of early socialization and training for the prevention of predictable behavior and temperament problems. To all caring and responsible puppy owners, who did their very best to choose, raise, and train their puppies to be goodnatured and well-mannered companions. And to all overworked pet dog trainers, shelter staff and volunteers, and animal rescue organizations, who try their best to solve the many problems created by other dog breeders, veterinarians, and dog owners who failed to grasp the big picture.

After You Get Your Puppy: AFTER You Get Your Puppy will focus on your puppy’s next three developmental deadlines during the first three months your puppy is at home. The clock is still ticking, and you only have three months to get a lot of things done.